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I'm Jeremy. Student filmmaker and barista extraordinaire from Nova Scotia. http://jeremywaterman.ca. I like hip things and I make bad music. I like vinyl. And coffee. And tea. But the strong stuff. Leave the bag in. I also run the street team for my friends in Showbread.

I'm terribly uninteresting. Hope you hate me.

Ask me things. I like it.

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To my gay friends all over America: I realize that what happened in North Carolina tonight likely reeks of intolerant and hypocritical religious folks, mostly Christian I’m sure. But you should know that there are a group of lovers, religious and non-religious alike - who affirm you and support you. You have unsurpassable worth and you are absolutely perfect the way you are - another world is possible and I’ll continue to advocate for your equality despite the resistance I meet from religious people who lack compassion. They might seem irredeemable but try to forgive them, they truly can’t understand the damage they’re inflicting.
Shane Crash