I Am, I Am, I Am.

Cold chillin' cold chillin'.

I'm Jeremy. Student filmmaker and barista extraordinaire from Nova Scotia. http://jeremywaterman.ca. I like hip things and I make bad music. I like vinyl. And coffee. And tea. But the strong stuff. Leave the bag in. I also run the street team for my friends in Showbread.

I'm terribly uninteresting. Hope you hate me.

Ask me things. I like it.

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I won. I guess this means I’m the worst out of all my friends. Unsurprising.

Oh yeah, I’m an uncle!

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If you happen to love me, take note.

So I miiiiight have given myself food poisoning..

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green and violet!
hopeyouhateit hopeyouhateit Said:

Four life goals:

  • figure out what I really want to do with myself.
  • create a web-series!
  • get my tattoo. a really, really meaningful one.
  • learn to be really, truly selfless.

One thing you love:

See below!

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hopeyouhateit hopeyouhateit Said:

One thing you love:

Music. I really love music. This is probably the most cliché of all answers, but it’s true. Music affects me in ways that most other things can’t. It can change my mood in a second. It can make me happy or sad, what I’m listening to can be incredibly emotional for me. It can make me excited or mellow, get my blood racing or put me in an existential, contemplative state. Music gives me a strange way to connect and feel.

Watching a needle dance across a record is so relaxing.

This is the first day of my life. Swear I was born right in the doorway.

This kind of night.

Hey everyone! I had a shit day! Okay bye!

Rough night means I’m putting a whole damn extra scoop of tea in here. Just try and stop me.

Now it’s time to curl up with the Netflix a rewatch some Doctor Who.